Custom Vending were the inventors of the swipe card system used in casinos, colleges and licenced clubs in Sydney and Australia, using free vend or rewards points in exchange for products in coffee vending machines, snack vending machines, drink vending machines and prize vending machines.

The system can also be adapted for use in colleges, hospitals or your workplace for a cashless system in Sydney or Australia

Reduce your number of full time staff

Reduce OH&S issues

Free bar staff to sell more profitable drinks

Automated reporting system (MIS) that allows you to check on
who and how many beverages have been sold - including cash sales if you require

Star City choose Custom Vending for innovative system
When Star City Casino in Sydney needed a fully maintained coffee/postmix
vending solution, they turned to Custom Vending, a 100% Australian owned company.

Established for 23 years, Custom Vending were well credentialled to put together
a system that incorporated world first technology to deliver both hot and cold drinks.

The system works by using the clubs own membership cards and establishing an
interface between the members data base and the “Beancounter” system.

Each patron swipes their membership card and receives an entitlement to an
allocated number of free beverages each day.

Once this allocation has been reached, the patron is advised that they then have
the option to purchase a drink using either their club gaming Awards points,
notes or coins. The clubs sets the sell price of the drinks.

Patrons can select from 11 different products including: freshly brewed coffee,
freshly brewed tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino, mocha, espresso, peach tea as
well as cold sparkling water and 2 selections of post mix flavours.

This system means that you can eliminate your gaming floor coffee trolley service
as well as eliminating your 250 ml can giveaways.

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