Frequently Asked Questions about vending machines and vending operator companies in Sydney and Australia

How do I get a free vending machine?
Contact Custom Vending and we will supply you a machine for free (all costs incorporated into sell price of product).

How does it work? Do I pay?
All of our costs and charges are incorporated into the purchase price of each product.

Do we make anything from the machine?
Yes. For a slightly increased sell price you can earn a percentage of the sales for your social club etc.

How much does it cost me to get a machine?
We install machines in your workplace for free.
We keep them serviced, filled, and insured at our cost.
Our revenue stream comes from the sale of snacks and drinks.

Can I choose what goes in the machine?
Yes, we have an extensive range to choose from.
We can also guide you to the most popular products across Australia,
and those suitable for particular sites (for example, clubs vs offices).

What machine is right for me?
Please contact one of our vending specialists to discuss your specific needs.

Can you provide healthy alternatives?
Our drink machines generally include water and juice, and our snack machines include
low fat and low calorie options. Contact our sales rep if you have special nutritional requirements.

How often do you service machines?
Depending on the size of the site, this may be one or two times a week.
Of course it is our best interest to keep the machines working and full of delicious snacks and drinks to purchase.

What happens if something goes wrong with the machine?
A hotline number is posted on each machine, and most of our service calls are answered within two hours.
For small issues, you may choose to leave a post-it note on the machine and you will be
reimbursed when the machine is next serviced.

If the machine is damaged, it is our responsibility to repair or replace it.
We reserve the right not to place machines in hazardous areas.

Can you provide coffee machines?
Yes, although this is also our core business, so we prefer coffee machines
to be alongside one of our regular snack and drink machines.

Are you covered by insurance?
Custom Vending has Public and Products liability cover of $20,000,000,
and privately insures all of its machines for workers compensation,
fire, damage and theft, whilst on your property.