Our combination vending machines are ideal for sites where space is limited or staff numbers are under 100.

We supply combination vending machines at no charge to you and regularly call to clean, fill and do preventative maintenance plus all repairs. You don’t have to do a thing. Our comprehensive insurance coverage ensures your peace of mind under any circumstance.

We can deliver a combination of drinks and snacks from all the leading manufacturers including healthy options.

We can talk to you about the best vending solution for your needs.

Our food options include shelf stable products such as microwavable meals, soups, 2 minute noodles and many others.

Use coins, notes, credit cards or club/work swipe cards

Insurance Coverage
We have insurance coverage for any situation including Workers Compensation, OH&S, Product Liability, Public Liability, Fire, Theft and Damage

Breakdown Response
All of our employees are trained in technical repairs so the man that fills the machines can also do maintenance and repairs on the spot without the need to call in a separate division or another company

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Combination Vending Machines